Geka Ironworkers

Geka offers the most extensive selection of Ironworkers on the market. From single cylinder machines to the most automated systems available.

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Geka Microcrop 40 Ton Ironworker
offers punching, plate & angle shearing, and built-in notcher.

Geka Minicrop & Bendicrop  50 Ton Ironworkers
offer punching, plate & angle shearing, notching, and bending.

Geka Hydracrop Dual Cylinder Ironworkers
range from 60 Tons to 240 Tons of punching capacity, up to 8 x 8 x 3/4 angle shear capacity, up to 30″ x 3/4″ plate shear capacity, channel shear station, and built-in notching station. Machines can also be equipped with gauging tables and electric, automatic backgauge.

Geka Single-End Punches
range from 55 to 250 Tons and feature throat-depth up to 30″. Both manual and CNC gauging tables can be provided.

Geka Semi-Paxy CNC X-Y Positioning Tables
bring automation to the Geka Ironworkers. This system eliminates the manual layout for hole-punching applications, such as base plates and clip angles. Fagor control allows for storage of repeatable jobs.

Standard 40″ X-axis can be extended to 216″.


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