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Waterjet Cutting Tables | AKS Cutting Systems WATER-KUT X-2

Full featured precision and smaller footprint with upfront value

The water-kut X2 is a 5′ x 10′ or 6′ x 12′ platform CNC waterjet cutter with standard features and upfront value.

AKS WATER-KUT X3 Waterjet Cutters - MachineTools.com   WATER-KUT X-3

High volume fabrication with easy load / unload with open sides

The water-kut X3 is designed for fabricators requiring high volume and fast production operations.


High performance, high accuracy waterjet cutting with ball screw repeatability

The AKS water-kut X4 is specifically designed for the most demanding applications with tightest tolerances and highest part accuracies up to 90,000 psi.

TJ1500               TJ4000                      TJ4100

TECHNI Waterjet focuses on developing waterjet machines & cutting technologies to give our customers a competitive advantage. By finding innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of waterjet cutting, TECHNI provides waterjet cutters that generate the highest return on investment within the industry.

TECHNI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of profile waterjet cutting systems.  TECHNI Waterjet  is the only company in the World who can offer complete water jet cutter solutions utilizing their own patented in house technologies for everything from the revolutionary Electric Servo Waterjet Pump to the 5 Axis Cutting Head.

TECHNI has been operating for more than 29 years and has an installation base of almost 1000 waterjet machines or water cut systems spread across 6 continents and some 26 countries. We have dedicated sales and service offices in the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe, with spare parts, sales and service support throughout the world.

TECHNI is committed to offering water jet cutter systems of the highest quality. All waterjet cutters are designed specifically for the very challenging water cutting machine environment and offer the lowest running costs in the industry.

Waterjet cutting is touted to be one of the most efficient ways to accomplish high-precision cutting for several industrial applications.

High-pressured Techni WaterJet machining systems offer unique advantages over other cutting technologies. Waterjets are able to cut virtually any material with a high degree of accuracy and without heat.

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