Yawei-Nisshinbo CNC Turret Presses

hpemainimage   HPE Turret Press
Ram provides the highest electric servo punching and forming at the lowest operating cost.

Standard work piece size without repositioning for the HPE Series are:
HPE-3044 – 1,250mm (49.2″) x 1,250mm (49.2″)
HPE-3048 – 1,250mm (49.2″) x 2,500mm (98.4″)
HPE-3058 – 1,550mm (60.2″) x 2,500mm (98.4″)

  • Five axis (X, Y, T, C, Electric Ram Servo)
  • 30 metric tons (33US tons)
  • Air eject and oil mist – optional
  • Pneumatic x-axis side gage – optional
  • Tool balancer – optional
  • 40 station turret with two (2) Auto-Index stations
  • Siemens 802D control
  • Thick style tooling only

HPH    HPH Turret Press
POWER MIZER™ Patented Hydraulic Servo Ram with full position feed back. Low impact force due to programmable ram speed, longer tool life, low noise, minimizes energy consumption.

Standard work piece size without repositioning for the HPH Series are:
HPH-3044 – 1,250mm (49.2″) x 1,250mm (49.2″)
HPH-3048 – 1,250mm (49.2″) x 2,500mm (98.4″)
HPH-3058 – 1,500mm (60.2″) x 2,500mm (98.4″)

  • Four axis (X, Y, T, C)
  • 30 metric tons – 33 US tons (50 ton Opt.)
  • Up to 600 hits/minute
  • 26 station turret with two (2) Auto-Index stations (38 & 40 stations Opt.)
  • Siemens 802D control (Fanuc 0i-PC Opt.)
  • Thick style tooling only

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