Edwards Ironworkers

EdwardsLogo4c_1_ Edwards manufactures a full line of high quality, low maintenance hydraulic ironworking machines, associated tooling, and accessories that are used in the steel fabrication industry. Our Ironworkers are proudly MADE IN AMERICA with the highest quality American parts and accessories. Edwards Ironworkers Punch, Shear, Notch and Brake mild steel plate, bar-stock and angle. A wide range of accessories are available to fabricate rod, square stock, sheet metal and pipe. Metalfab, Inc. is a stocking dealer and offers discounted prices on all Edwards machines.


               40 Ton Ironworker_                                                       50 Ton Ironworker                                             55 Ton Ironworker

edwards-60ton_frontedwards-65ton_frontedwards-75ton_front Edwards-100Dton_front

                60 Ton Ironworker                                            65 Ton Ironworker                                       75 Ton Ironworker                           100 Ton Ironworker

100Dton_1_-194x244 edwards-120ton_front notcherlarge_1_

100 Ton Deluxe                                           120 Ton Ironworker                                  Ironworker Accessories

Please contact us for all available accessories such as:

  • Notchers
  • Brake Tooling
  • Back Gauge
  • Pipe Notchers
  • Gauging Tables
  • Oversize Punches
  • Angle Notcher
  • Special Tooling

Please contact us for a free on-site consultation.
Metalfab, Inc. provides our customers with solutions to their manufacturing needs. We look forward to examining each metalworking application and developing the most efficient, cost effective method for production. Whether the solution is new or used machinery, application software, lean manufacturing, tooling or service, Metalfab will work for you to determine the best method.